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Frames for Every Face Shape

When picking out the absolute perfect pair of frames, everyone almost always asks the same question: How do I find the right frames for my face shape? Luckily, there are plenty tricks of the trade to help guide you through the sometimes daunting task of choosing complementary eyewear. Check out the celebrity-inspired face shapes - heart, oblong, round, oval and square - below, and find out the characteristics of the silhouettes and learn what types of frames work best for each profile. But always keep this golden rule in mind when it comes to face fitting: The shape of the eyewear should contrast with the shape of the face!



Characteristics of a heart-shaped face include a wide forehead and high cheekbones with a narrow chin. Look for frames that will broaden the appearance of the chin and minimize forehead width. Choose slightly rounded frames that dip between the eyes to break up a wider forehead or frames that are wider at the bottom. Avoid overly embellished frames and top-heavy styles that draw attention upward.

Frame suggestions: Aviators, butterfly styles and rimless profiles



Characteristics of an oblong face include the face being longer than it is wide with a narrow chin and cheeks, as well as a large forehead. Look for frames that break the length of the face, making it appear shorter and wider. Choose deep frames to minimize facial length and wide, oversized frames to bring proportion to the face. Avoid short frames without depth that will accentuate face length and frames that are too narrow.

Frame suggestions: Oversized styles and wraparounds



Characteristics of a round face include full cheekbones and little to no angles, with width and length being similarly proportionate. Look for frames that make the face appear longer and thinner. Choose slightly angular frames that will create a narrowing effect. Avoid round frames or lenses that will exaggerate this face shape.

Frame suggestions: Rectangles, square, and sporty or squared-off retro styles



Characteristics of an oval-shaped face include the chin being slightly narrower than the forehead-this is considered to be the most ideal face shape because of its balanced proportions! Look for frames that keep the natural balance of the oval. Choose a size that's in proportion to the face. Avoid oversized styles that will swallow a petite oval shape or too-small styles on a larger face.

Frame suggestions: Options aren't limited, so ovals can have fun and play with classic or trendy styles



Characteristics of a square-shaped face include a broad forehead and strong jawline, as well as a wide chin and cheekbones. Look for frames that balance out a strong jawline and make the face appear longer. Choose round, oval or curved frames to soften the face and jaw. Avoid boxy and angular frames as the sharp lines will come across as too harsh.

Frame suggestions: Rounded or oval Jackie O styles, cat-eyes and semi-rimless frames with soft curves