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Primed and Eyewear Pretty

Jenn Falik

Ladies, don't let your gorgeous face get lost under a pair of striking specs-after all, your glasses are meant to accentuate those pretty eyes of yours, so says to our Eyecessorize spokesperson and favorite style expert Jenn Falik. "An amazing thing about eyeglasses is that they instantly draw attention to the most expressive part of the face-the eyes," she notes.

You can also use your eyewear as inspiration for fresh makeup looks and new hairstyles! "Eyeglasses have the power to transform your look, and it's fun to adjust your makeup routine accordingly," Falik says. "For example, wearing cat-eye frames may motivate you to try a retro red lip, or menswear-inspired shapes can be a great excuse to try a slicked-back ponytail!" The possibilities are endless, so don't be afraid to switch things up once in a while!

We're here to help you make a few simple, yet key, adjustments to your daily beauty regimen, so you can ensure that your peepers and the rest of your features will always pop with eyewear. Check out our guide below for exclusive makeup and hair tips, with special insight from Falik herself, to keep you looking spec-tacular!


Your eyebrows play a major role in how your peepers appear. Accentuate them by making sure your brows are well groomed and perfectly shaped so they frame your eyes, not your glasses. Feel like they're a little sparse or uneven? Not to worry! Just use a pencil or a bit of shadow to fill them in for a more defined look. 


Lenses have a tendency to amplify those unwanted dark circles we all get sometimes. But you can easily alleviate the issue by applying concealer under your eyes to brighten the area. Falik suggests using a creamy hydrating formula, so the delicate skin under the eyes appears smooth and flawless. "The extra boost of moisture helps so the product doesn't settle in to, and in turn magnify, fine lines," she says.

When it comes to your eye makeup, put on more if you're near-sighted, as your eyes will appear smaller in lenses, and less if you're far-sighted, as your eyes will appear larger in lenses. Either way, opt for matte eye shadow. "When light reflects off of lenses, even a subtle shimmer can look severe, while matte will always look polished and sophisticated," Falik says.

And don't forget about your eyelashes! "You can never have too many lashes," she says. "Doubling up on mascara is a great way to play up your fringe-start with a lengthening formula and then layer on a volumizing one. Be sure to pay attention to the little lashes on the inner and outer corners-they need love, too!"


Oversized specs are all the rage! However, their larger lenses can oftentimes obscure your gorgeous cheekbones. Give your face some extra oomph by using one of Falik's favorite go-to makeup contouring tricks. "Apply matte bronzer just under the cheekbone about an inch away from the edge of your mouth up toward the hairline," she explains. "Then, sweep a highlighting shade along the cheekbone from the apple up to the hairline. Voila! Runway-ready bone structure in seconds!"


Eyeglasses draw an insane amount of attention to your peepers-after all, that's part of the point of wearing them! But your eyes aren't the only facial feature that deserves recognition. Don't forget to apply lipstick or gloss, with a hint of color, to your smoochers to help them pop! Just don't go too bold-you don't want your eyes competing with your lips!


As you consider what hairstyle you'd like, don't forget to think about your face shape and features, not to mention how they look with your eyewear-your cut should complement, not take away from, your face in glasses. If you rock wider frames, go for looks with height on top and little volume at the ends, and shorter styles with strong vertical lines. Large frames need hairstyles that can hold their own, like layered cuts with extra body. Meanwhile, opt for long blunt cuts or short cropped wavy tresses that highlight the face if you wear small frames. But no matter what, bangs are a great way to further emphasize your peepers!